Giving Opportunities

Establish a Fund

We are committed to helping donors achieve their charitable interests and goals. To best fit our donor's wishes, we have a number of fund types available and are happy to explore these options with you.

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Contribute to an Existing Fund

Through the Parsons Area Community Foundation, your gift may support the charitable cause most important to you, or be pooled with other contributions to impact the community through an annual competitive grant cycle, funding projects that improve health, education, parks, recreation, the arts and social services within 25 miles of Parsons.

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Gifts Other Than Cash

While the vast majority of all charitable donations nationwide are made in cash, there are other options for giving that may be far more advantageous tax-wise, and a better fit for your particular situation.

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Giving Cards

In looks, charitable gift cards are just like retail gift cards, but rather than being redeemed at a store, the recipient has the pleasure of giving the dollar value of the gift card to their favorite charitable organization. Gift cards are available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations.

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Start a Giving Circle

A Giving Circle is a simple yet powerful concept: A group of individuals come together, each contribute to a fund at the community foundation, and annually use those combined resources to award grants to benefit the community.

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