Donor Facts, Answers, and Questions

Who are the Parsons Area Community Foundation donors?
Our donors come in all sizes and shapes, but the common thread is a love of our area and the desire to give back for local good.  Unless requested to remain anonymous, donors are listed for each fiscal year in our Annual Report.

What is the minimum donation?
No gift is too small. Gifts of $25, $10, or even $1 can be made to existing funds. Support from a broad community base is what makes this truly a community foundation. Minimums do exist for those who wish to establish a new named fund.

Are gifts to the Foundation tax deductible?
Our status as a public charity ensures that contributions to the foundation are tax deductible to the greatest extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. The donor receives tax benefits in the year a gift is made.

How are contributions to endowed funds different than non-endowed?
Until 2017, the Parsons Area Community Foundation is receiving an additional 25 – 50% of donations to endowed funds through the GROW II grant with the Kansas Health Foundation. Gifts to endowed funds are not spent, only the earnings from the fund. Therefore, your gift will continue to give through your lifetime and generations to come.

What will my donation accomplish?
PACF is a unique charity in that it encompasses all aspects of community improvement from helping community members with basic needs, to providing financial support for parks, festivals, and the arts. Your gift brings much needed support to local programs. We ask donors how they would like their gifts to be used, and gifts are placed into an existing fund meeting those criteria, or we work with you to establish a fund for your charitable purpose.

What if I have multiple charities or causes I want to support?
You may control the use of your gift by outlining exactly the dollar amount or percentage for dividing it among those charities or causes important to you.

How much of my gift goes directly to charity?
PACF funds its operations through a 1% administrative fee on funds. However, funds are invested through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation pools, and past performance has generally shown a large enough return to cover the administrative fees.

How are the funds managed?
Funds are invested in the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation investment pools, or by donor request, managed by a qualified financial manager of the donor’s choice. Monthly reports are generated for all funds showing year to date earnings, gifts, and distributions.

What exactly is a “donor-advised fund”?
A donor-advised fund is a means for an individual, family, or corporation to do all their charitable giving through the community foundation. All donations receive the full tax deduction allowable by law at the time of the donation, but grants from the fund may be made over time. Donor advised funds are invested per the donor’s wishes, so your charitable dollars may continue to grow.

What are the options for contributions?
Gifts may be made by check, online with a credit card, by wire transfer of cash, government securities, stock, corporate bonds; with tangible real property, or through a bequest. Follow this hyperlink for Contributing Options.

Is there someone available to answer questions?
The foundation has professional staff available both in Parsons and Kansas City, through our affiliation with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. We will assist donors in creating funds, to speak to community groups, and answer questions from donors or charitable organizations. Please call the office at 620-421-0723 or email questions to

Please call the office at 620-421-0723 at any time. If you would like to speak to someone in person, we will arrange a mutually beneficial meeting time.

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