Funds of the Foundation

General Funds

Memorial Fund for Native Sons and Daughters

An endowed fund combining gifts made to the Foundation in honor of loved ones. This fund provides unrestricted granting dollars for local needs. Those honored through this fund are recognized on our website and in a Memorial Notebook

Parsons Area Community Foundation Operating Fund

PACF places earnings from an endowed operating fund into an unrestricted fund used for the foundation’s operational expenses

Parsons Area Touch the Future Fund

An endowed fund established by the Board of Directors as a permanent resource to address current and future community needs

Local Services and Events

Celebrate Parsons Fund (Katy Days)

In conjunction with the city of Parsons, members of the Katy Days Festival board established this fund as a depository for donations to fund educational events promoting Parsons heritage and history

Curious Minds Discovery Zone (CMDZ) Endowment

Perpetual fund, initiated by John and Bonnie Latzer, to provide annual grants to CMDZ for operations

Downtown Parsons Fund

When the Downtown Parsons organization merged with the Chamber of Commerce, its funds were placed at the Community Foundation for investment and dispersal

First Baptist Church of Parsons Lay Leadership Fund

Ironhorse Museum Fund

Labette Assistance Center

Labette Assistance Center Endowed Fund

Labette Community College Athletics Fund

Begun by Virginia Wommack, this fund may be added to by others to support athletic programs at LCC.

Labette Community College Foundation

Labette County Fair Endowment

Labette Health Foundation Endowed Fund

Oak Grove School Endowed Fund

This fund will support the ongoing restoration of the historic Oak Grove School in Neosho County.

PALS Proud Animal Lovers Shelter Fund

Founded by Mrs. Wommack, this fund will provide annual grants to PALS for their operations and may be added to by others.

Parsons Arboretum Foundation Endowed Fund

Parsons Area Splash Pad for Youth

This fund will create a splash pad (water feature) in Parsons for children to use and will be maintained into the future by the Parsons Recreation Commission.

Parsons Senior Center Endowed Fund

Founded by John and Marjorie Troy. While the city pays for building maintenance and utilities, there are number of other expenses for programs and cleaning that are paid through donations to the Senior Center. This fund provides an annual distribution to assist with those expenses.

Parsons Spotlight Concert Series Fund

With the dissolution of the Parsons Area Concert Association, this fund was created for donors to assist the City of Parsons in booking concerts

Parsons State Hospital Endowed Fund

Southeast Kansas Respite Services Endowed Fund

Scholarship Funds

Carrie Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hazel Wall Scholarship Fund

Initially started as a memorial fund honoring Hazel Wall, family members contributed to make this an endowed scholarship fund to provide an annual scholarship for an LCC student pursuing elementary education

John and Bonnie Latzer Art Scholarship Fund

Twice a year, the 1st place student in the Fall and Spring LCC Art Shows receive a scholarship from this endowed fund

Labette Community College Foundation Scholarship Fund

Parsons Educational Foundation (PEF) Fund

Perpetual fund, initiated by John and Bonnie Latzer, to make annual grants from the earnings to support the operations of PEF.

Steve and Jackie Ray Accounting and Business Administration Award

Annually the LCC scholarship committee will choose a student majoring in accounting or business administration for this scholarship

Taran Sack Memorial Fund

This endowed fund honoring the life of Taran Sack provides an annual scholarship to a Parsons High School student demonstrating a quest for learning in a variety of academic and nonacademic areas

Field of Interest and Agency Funds

Kansas Health Foundation Children’s Health Fund

Also for Leadership Labette, this $100,000 grant was given with the earnings used to support the annual children’s project chosen by the current leadership class

Kansas Health Foundation Fund for Public Health

Established as an endowed fund for the GROW II grant to specifically promote the health of communities and individuals through the encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors, and environments. Half of all earnings made through the GROW II grant are deposited into this fund. In order for the KHF to track this fund, no other contributions are mingled with it.

Kansas Health Foundation Leadership Fund

Leadership Labette received a $100,000 grant invested through the community foundation with earnings used to defray the expenses of the Leadership Labette annual program

Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund

Established as an endowed fund per the parameters of the KS Health Foundation GROW II grant, this fund helps sustain the operations of the Foundation. Half of the earnings made through the GROW II grant are deposited into this fund. In order for the KHF to track this fund, no other contributions are mingled with it.

Labette Community College (LCC) Endowment for the Arts

Once this fund reaches a balance of $250,000, annual distributions will be made to LCC to promote programs for the arts within the college as well as outreach to the community

Parsons Economic Development Minority Incentive Fund

Parsons Educational Foundation (PEF) Endowment

Perpetual fund, initiated by John and Bonnie Latzer, to make annual grants from the earnings to support the operations of PEF.

Parsons Educational Foundation Technology Education Endowment

This fund, also initiated by John and Bonnie Latzer, will make annual grants to the PEF once the balance reaches $25,000 to be distributed to USD 503 to promote educational activities for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Family Funds

Allen Family Fund

Bonnie Oden Fund

Bonnie left a lasting legacy with this endowed fund which provides grants to assist those in need

Christine Hinkle Perpetual Fund

Through a bequest from Christine Hinkle, the PACF board established this fund. Using fund earnings, annual grants for the betterment of the community will be made in Christine’s name – Contributions may be added to this fund. However, because it was established by the PACF board, it is not eligible for the GROW II match

Ellen F. Willis Memorial Fund

Hughes Family Fund

Hunter and Main Family Funds

These are the two original funds established at the community foundation for the general benefit of the area

John and Bonnie Latzer Fund

Kenneth L. and J. Corrine Ervin Family Fund

Main Family Fund

Murland and Charlene Taylor Family Fund

80% of this endowed fund is unrestricted for community improvements with grants awarded through a competitive application process.

Pat and Dick Combs Fund

Dick Combs was one of the original PACF board members and created this endowed fund with the vision of leaving a legacy for current and future community improvements

Pat and Lori LaForge Fund

Paul and Berniece LaForge Fund

Until the principal and interest are completely paid out, this fund provides an annual grant of $7500 to Labette County Emergency Assistance Center and $7500 to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Pearl Brennecke Fund

An endowed fund for grants at the board’s discretion. Those who knew Pearl believe she would have liked this fund to benefit those in need in Parsons. When possible, this wish is honored for grants to those organizations or causes benefiting the disadvantaged

Ray Family Fund

Shaun Hill PASS Fund

Ted Hill Memorial Fund

Troy Family Fund

Virginia Wommack Charitable Trust

Wall / Selanders Family Fund

Zetmeir Family Fund

In honor of the late Sonny Zetmeir, the Zetmeir family established an endowed, unrestricted fund for grant making.
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